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News digest SpaceCrew Finance: May 2023

7 июн. 2023 г.


News digest SpaceCrew Finance: May 2023

🚀 OnCredit Vietnam 1. Launched the ability to receive bonus offers for customers in the iOS app 2. Optimized work with new clients that were previously rejected 3. Updated scoring mechanisms and ban system in manual verification of clients

🚀 OnCredit Shri-Lanka 1. Updated scoring mechanisms for dealing with fraud 2. Implemented Top Up for repeat customers

🚀 ClickCredit Poland 1. Get MIP (Mała instytucja płatnicza) - license to launch a card product 2. Implemented a card product for repeat customers

🚀 ClickCredit Ukraine 1. Launched a new type of restructuring for clients 2. Expanded internal functionality in the admin panel for marketing 3. Launched a new product for new customers - up to 3000 UAH at a rate of 1% 4. Added One Time Password (OTP) to protect against scammers

🚀 MyCredit Ukraine 1. Implemented the entrance to the Personal Account through a call 2. Added a new type of restructuring for clients 3. Became winners in FinAwards 2023

🚀 SpaceCrew Finance Company 1. Were presented in the shortlist of the national non-financial award "X-ray" from MMR - Marketing Media Review (Ukraine) 2. Held training sessions for the top management of the company

Expect more updates next month. Beyond possible!

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