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​​Fast and smart investment in loans

Join SpaceCrew Finance's partner, Lonvest. With a minimum investment of €10, enjoy an annual return of up to 15%. Join now and seize this opportunity!

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Earn up to 15% return

Lonvest is ready to help you grow your capital. This investment platform offers the chance to invest in loans from market leaders.
Start with small steps ‒ create an account, open a deposit in stablecoins, and watch your passive income grow. It’s that easy!


Why choose the Lonvest?



High rates & Low Risks

Start with an investment of €10 investment and get up to 15% return annually. With our focus on low-risk investments and high returns, you can enjoy the benefits of P2P investing without the worry


60-Day Buy Back Guarantee

The extra layer of protection for your investments. If loan repayment is delayed by more than 60 days, the loan originator will buy it back on the 61st day, ensuring you still earn the interest for both the loan term and buyback period


Group loan originators

All loan originators are fully controlled by our group to ensure transparency and accountability


Zero Fees

You receive the full amount of your returns according to the term and interest. Loan originators on our platform cover the fees, so you can invest with confidence

Ready to start investing with Lonvest? It's easy! Make a deposit with as little as €10 and start earning up to 15% return annually. Set up your auto-invest portfolio and start generating passive income today. It only takes a few minutes!

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