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ClickCredit Poland is celebrating its 1st birthday

19 окт. 2023 г.


Our ClickCredit project in Poland is celebrating its 1st birthday!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Let us tell you a bit of the history. In April 2022 we started working on the ClickCredit Poland project! It was challenging: we didn't know the market, we didn't know the language, and we worked long hours with the product. But the most important thing is the result! In 1.5 months, we found partners, described the product and workflow, began working with the app, and a bit later, launched the website. And on October 19, we meet the first our client! 🙏

Our achievements: ✔️ Building a team in Poland ✔️ Obtaining an MIP license, which opens up many new possibilities and prospects, including issuing cards. 💳 ✔️ Establishing our collection department. ✔️ Launching loan extensions.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who has joined our common cause and believes in our success. Together, we will achieve incredible things!

Happy Birthday ClickCredit Poland! 🎂

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