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Got 5 awards at FinAwards 2024 (Ukraine)

1 апр. 2024 г.


A big event happened in Kyiv for the finance world - the FinAwards 2024 ceremony. The "Minfin" and websites praised the best financiers and named the top financial products of the year on March 29th.

Our company got some important awards:

- Best Loyalty Program — 1st place (MyCredit)

- Best Marketing Manager — 1st place (Serafyma Nekhoda, SpaceCrew Finance)

- Influencer of the Year — 2nd place - Roman Katerynchyk, SpaceCrew Finance

- Best Microfinance Institution for Customer Service Quality — 3rd place (MyCredit)

- Best CEO — 3rd place - Vlad Belan, MyCredit

We're really proud of what we achieved! Thanks to the whole team, it's our shared victory!

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