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Introducing Lonvest — a P2P investment partner

15 июн. 2023 г.


SpaceCrew Finance Company has started cooperation with — a P2P investment marketplace. If you want to become an investor in SC Finance you can do it with high rates and low risk easily at Lonvest. Lonvest is a peer-to-peer lending platform that lists loans of loan SC originators. Investments in these loans bring an average return of 10% to 13% per year. The platform connects borrowers from all othe ver world and investors from Europe. The loans on the platform are primarily from SpaceCrew Finance. These are companies of the SC from the regions of Vietnam (OnCredit), Sri Lanka (OnCredit), Ukraine (MyСredit) and Poland (ClickCredit). Why choosing Lonvest? Easy to start: Simply go to website, register, and verify your data. 

High Returns: No matter how much you invest, we will help you make more money. We offer investors a high return of up to 13% APY.

24/7 Access: You have the opportunity to track the effectiveness of your investments anywhere and anytime.

Zero Fees: We don’t charge investors any hidden fees for operations with money. You can withdraw funds at any time and do not worry about hidden fees.

Proven Track Record: Lonvest can’t contribute to the investment industry and offers quality loan investment opportunities to investors.

Ready to start investing with Lonvest? It's easy! Make a deposit starting from €10 and earn up to 13% return annually. Set up your auto-invest portfolio and start generating passive income today. It only takes a few minutes!

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