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News digest SpaceCrew Finance: December 2023

10 янв. 2024 г.


News digest: December 2023 🚀 OnCredit Vietnam 1. Improved the UI/UX of the personal account for clients awaiting application review and for clients with active loans. 2. Prepared the revamped iOS application for release to all clients 3. Optimized the logic of the scoring system. 🚀 OnCredit Sri-Lanka 1. Update scoring models for New and Ret clients 2. Decrease loans amount for New and Ret clients 3. Finalized the revision of the re-billing calculator 4. Implemented a new banner system in the personal account 🚀 ClickCredit Ukraine 1. Worked on tasks from the regulator 2. Launched the New Year promotion 3. Worked on tasks to improve functionality for Analysts and Accounting 4. Developed new functionality for extending rejections for a longer term (for potentially declined clients). 5. Enhanced the display of Bank ID information for a more accurate assessment of clients 6. Improved the functionality of the internal system for client management (made the Admin Panel more convenient and expanded its capabilities) 7. Received Silver Award at PAYSPACE MAGAZINE AWARDS 🚀 MyCredit Ukraine 1. Optimized the operation of the scoring system. 2. Worked on tasks from the National Bank of Ukraine Beyond possible! 🚀

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