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News digest SpaceCrew Finance: March 2024

8 апр. 2024 г.


🚀 OnCredit Sri Lanka

1. Changed the interest rate.

2. Optimized scoring process .

3. Integration with Direct Pay.

4. OnCredit celebrates its 3rd anniversary!

🚀 СlickСredit Ukraine

Optimized scoring process

🚀 MyCredit

1. Improved the average interest rate by 5.5%.

2. Passed certification to the next level of security under the PCI DSS protocol. High and medium level vulnerabilities have been resolved

3. MyCredit won in several categories at FinAward 2024:

- Best loyalty program;

- Best marketing manager;

- Best microfinance organization in terms of customer service;

- Best CEO of a microfinance organization (3rd place).

4. Received an award from the Association of Ukrainian Banks.

🚀 Monto

We issued the first 2500 loans.

Beyond possible! 🚀

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