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News digest SpaceCrew Finance: May 2024

5 июн. 2024 г.


🚀 OnCredit Sri Lanka

  1. Integrated and started working with new partners. 

  2. Optimized the average amounts available to clients.

  3. Optimized scoring process.

🚀 СlickСredit Україна

  1. Refined the API system for traffic. 

  2. Increased the maximum amount of repeat customers. 

  3. Developed a new scoring service for pre-score.

🚀 MyCredit

  1. Optimized the scoring model of mobile platforms to reduce the default rate.

🚀 Monto

  1. Started working with new partners.

  2. Launched new advertising channels.

  3. Issued the first 10,000 loans.

Beyond possible! 🚀

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