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News digest SpaceCrew Finance: November 2023

5 дек. 2023 г.


News digest SpaceCrew Finance: November 2023 🚀 OnCredit Vietnam 1. Introduced an additional customer verification process prior to submitting an application 2. Optimized the password recovery functionality to reduce the likelihood of fraud 3. Optimized the phone number verification process 4. Optimized the business rules and scoring process 5. Optimized the process of allocating clients to the hybrid product 🚀 OnCredit Shri-Lanka 1. Launched new hybrid products within an A/B test 2. Correction of the sums for repeat credit 3. Using a new model for New Customers to make decisions based on the score 4. Updating the risk blacklist 🚀 ClickCredit Ukraine 1. Improved the validation of passport authenticity 2. Seted up the transfer of Bank ID information for a more accurate assessment of customers 3. Improved the functionality of the internal system for customer management (made the admin panel more user-friendly and expanded its capabilities) 4. Increased the average check for repeat customers 5. Changed the appearance of the main page of the website 6. Optimized the operation of business rules and scoring 🚀 MyCredit Ukraine Made amendments on the website and in some advertising channels according to the requirements from the National Bank of Ukraine. Beyond possible! 🚀

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