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News digest SpaceCrew Finance: October 2023

7 нояб. 2023 г.


News digest: October 2023

🚀 OnCredit Vietnam

1. Enhanced OTP functionality, leading to an increase in registration conversion. 2. Improved the trigger map for abandoned registration email campaigns.

🚀 OnCredit Shri-Lanka

1. Modified the product extension, resulting in exceeding the plan for repeat purchases 2. Optimized the Registration User Interface (UI) 3. Added a new type of document to the additional document functionality in CRM 4. Changed the Hybrid product: the available period is now 10 days (previously 15 days)

🚀 ClickCredit Poland

1. Started cooperation with CPA partners 2. Issued more than 1000 cards

🚀 ClickCredit Ukraine

1. Completed an audit of customer verification, resulting in the optimization of operational processes that contributed to the growth of key business indicators 2. Conducted an analysis and updated email campaigns in collaboration with marketing, leading to improved performance indicators 3. Received nominations for the prestigious PSM AWARDS Nominations -

🚀 MyCredit Ukraine

1. Made changes to the approval process for primary and repeat applications, leading to optimization 2. Changed the age for clients from 70 to 75 years 3. Received nominations in Dzwinner: - nominations and awards 4. Received nominations for the prestigious PSM AWARDS Nominations -

 Beyond possible! 🚀

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