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OnCredit Vietnam celebrates its 3th birthday!

16 июл. 2021 г.


Every year since 2019, OnCredit celebrates its birthday! 


It seems incredible, but in 3 years we:

⭐️ We have grown from 17 people into a large and successful company of 125 cool specialists.

⭐️ To date, we have 765777 issues on our account.

⭐️ Only we have an iOS application among competitors.

⭐️ Gamification "Game of bamboo sticks" has appeared.

⭐️ We launched the Installment product.

⭐️ Launched auto-prolongation, and auto-restructuring.

⭐️ Launched robotic calls for the Collection department

⭐️ Became more experienced, stronger, and more professional, but at the same time remained the same cheerful, sincere and unique!

This year was not easy for us, but we once again proved that we are the strongest and most friendly team 


Thanks to all partners and colleagues! You are the best, we are the best. Happy birthday, OnCredit!

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